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BCA Technology, along with BCAi are two thriving subsidiaries of BCA Engineers. While BCA Engineers primarily focuses on providing traditional engineering services, BCAi and BCA Technology are dedicated to developing and delivering cutting-edge technical innovations, solutions, and electronic products.

As a group, BCAi, BCA Technology, and BCA Engineers operate across several locations, including Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia, where they work diligently to improve the built environment. Their commitment to making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 11.

Through their unique approach to technical innovation, BCAi and BCA Technology provide a range of new products and services that have a positive impact on the built environment. Their innovative solutions promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practices that help create a better future for all.


PFEi Monitor

Experience the latest in fire safety technology with our cutting-edge wireless and automated Portable Fire Extinguisher Monitoring and alarm system.

This advanced system enables remote monitoring of critical parameters such as vessel pressure, physical movement, and pin-pull tampering, ensuring timely notifications and alerts to potential hazards.

Minimize and validate the frequency of on-site manual maintenance, saving ongoing costs, interruptions, and time. Trust this innovative solution to provide peace of mind and the highest level of fire protection for your facility.

LoRaWAN Pressure Monitor

The BCA Technology LoRaWAN Pressure Monitor is an IoT solution for remotely monitoring pressure in wet fire services systems.

The device reads pressure data from an included pressure transducer.

When paired with a LoRaWAN network server and monitoring platform such as FireM, the device can provide real-time alarm, pre-alarm fault notifications and AI into the operability of the fire system.

The Pressure Monitor sends heartbeat pressure readings at a user-defined interval and sends an uplink when the device enters any event state.

The alarm and pre-alarm events are triggered by user-defined thresholds, allowing each Monitor to be individually configured for its deployment.

The device and data is open source.